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In our continuing series on keeping the care in patient care, we spoke with Julie Rouland, our Clinic Supervisor and Lead Tech. Julie works directly with patients, and oversees the techs at Genstler helping to guide the experience they provide to all patients.

Julie’s job at Genstler is to make sure everything in the office runs smoothly. If there are any problems, concerns, or unhappy patients, Julie is the first line of defense making sure things get back on track.

“I can think of a patient who was unhappy because she wanted us to check multiple things we didn’t have her scheduled for. We had a very tight schedule and rather than rushing her through, I spoke with her to find out what she was wanting help with. We got her scheduled for a time she could come back so we could specifically spend more time with her and address her concerns. She was really understanding and very happy to come back so she could have more one-on-one time. She was just in for her second appointment the other day, and the interaction has entirely turned around–it was like greeting a good friend!”

At Genstler, it’s an office practice to share positive feedback from patients with all staff in order to celebrate good patient care and to continue fostering that as a part of the culture. Julie shared “If the patients say something good about anybody in the practice, we email that out to the whole group. It makes me feel so happy to know that patients are taken care of and to know that they like coming here. It reiterates what we’re doing for them.”

“A big part of why I care and why I love helping patients is because we can help them to see better. We get to help our elderly patients who think there’s no fix for their eyes to see again. It’s so rewarding.”

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