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December 16, 2021by Genstler Eye Center0

In our continuing series on keeping the care in patient care, we spoke with Jorden Wichman, our Clinic Supervisor in Manhattan. Jorden works directly with patients, keeps operations flowing smoothly in the clinic, and provides ongoing education on new tools and techniques for the team and patients.

When asked what’s different about working with patients and providing care at Genstler Eye Center, Jorden shared, “Our doctors here take the time to really explain everything that’s happening from A to Z. I’ve even heard Dr. Genstler go into great detail with patients in cataract evaluations explaining how dry eyes and other factors may affect them.”

“This makes a difference, because almost all patients who come in are nervous thinking they may have to have eye surgery. We explain everything in detail and surprise them by asking what their daily activities or hobbies are. In addition to genuinely wanting to get to know them, it helps us understand their visual needs. A person who sews daily has different visual needs than someone who water skis regularly. They’re put at ease when they realize they’re not just jumping into major surgery, we see them as individuals and tailor their experiences to them. You see their shoulders relax, which makes for a better patient experience.”

“It’s amazing to see the progression where someone comes in with bad cataracts and after surgery their vision is 20/20. We had one gentleman who was on welfare and disability and couldn’t see. I remember he told me ‘If this is how I’m going to live, I’m not going to live any longer.’ The day after his cataract surgery he went from only seeing vague hand motions to seeing 20/40 or 20/50. He told us – ‘I feel like I got my life back. You saved my life.’ It brought tears to my eyes and I’m not one to cry.”

“That made an impact on me.  And I hope I leave an impact on people in a positive way. I want our patients to know they’re not a number or just another patient, they’re part of our family.”

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