What is LASIK?

The term LASIK has become widely known, but is regularly confused for cataract surgery or PRK. Most often people have a general understanding that the procedure is a corrective vision surgery performed on the eyes, without knowing the specifics. If you’re looking for more information on what LASIK entails, you’ve come to the right place.

The most common misconceptions surrounding LASIK today have held on from the early days of the procedure. These are that a flap incision is made using a blade and that corneal adjustments are made by “scraping” in order to reshape the eye. Rest assured, there are no blades or scraping involved today in the correction of your vision.

LASIK is an acronym which stands for Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis and is used to treat myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. In plain English, this means a laser is used to make a small incision in the eye creating a flap. This flap is held back from the eye while a laser makes adjustments to reshape the cornea. The flap is replaced and the natural pressure of the eyelids opening and closing reseals this incision. This procedure takes place with the use of light in-eye anesthetics and antibiotics to prevent infection, and takes no more than a couple of minutes per eye.

The edges of the flap incision begin to heal within 3-4 hours after surgery, and patients are encouraged to sleep during that time. Most patients experience corrected vision almost immediately post-surgery. Corneal adjustments underneath the flap may take 1-2 weeks to heal, and most people see the full potential from their LASIK after that healing period.

The most involved parts of getting LASIK are the pre and post procedure consultations and check-ups. At Genstler, it’s important to us to give you all of the information and resources you need to understand the procedure and plan for a customized LASIK treatment that will best serve the unique terrain of your eyes for years to come.

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Stephen Hinton, M.D., Clinic Director of Genstler Eye Center


Dr. Hinton has been with Genstler Eye Center since 2016. He offers an array of opthamalic services such as LASIK, cataract surgery, glaucoma and dry eye treatment. Outside of work Dr. Hinton enjoys reading and trips with his wife.