The Genstler Philosophy

At Genstler Eye Center, we’re committed to providing true care as healthcare providers. This philosophy is formed by a few core tenets held by the staff at Genstler.

The Golden Rule+
We approach each patient that walks in the door by asking, ‘If this were my mother, father, brother, sister – how would they want to be treated?’ We listen to every patient carefully, and by listening will understand their needs, fears, and goals.

We work to respond to each patient where they are at. For instance, some patients are just not ready for certain services like surgery. We never push the patient, we let them determine the care experience they want. In other cases, because we’ve listened and heard them say they live far away from our office, if it’s at all possible, we’ve sometimes tried to make room for the patient in the schedule that day to save them the cost, travel, and time of coming back multiple times.

Lead by Example
As medical professionals we hold a certain amount of authority and influence due to our expertise. With that comes the opportunity and responsibility to exemplify leadership and care to our patients and our staff.

People don’t always come to us on their best days. We understand on occasion they may be frightened, in pain, or may just not feel very pleasant or cheerful due to other things going on in their lives. When people are upset, the inclination may be to pull away. At Genstler, we believe that’s an opportunity to pull the chair closer, lean in, listen with curiosity, and ask more questions.

Empathy & Compassion
Above all else, we believe one of the most powerful things we can do is extend kindness, empathy, and compassion. We work to put ourselves in the shoes of the patients we serve. If we start by understanding where a patient is coming from, perhaps they’ll leave that appointment with a course of treatment. Whether or not they do, it’s our goal that they always leave our office feeling seen, heard, and as though they were treated like a whole person who matters. Because they do.

With questions or for more information contact Genstler Eye Center at (785) 273-8080.

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