The ‘Care’ in Patient Care

Today we often hear members of the medical community referred to as belonging to the ‘healthcare industry.’ Speaking about healthcare in terms of industry has the dangerous potential to overshadow what’s truly at the heart of what we do. Serve people.

At Genstler Eye Center, we hold a core belief that providing quality care to our patients must remain at the forefront. “I’m an eye surgeon, an ophthalmologist. But those eyes belong to a whole person. As I look at my patients, I see the whole person and all that it encompasses,” says owner and founder Dr. Arla Genstler.

When patients come in for exams and consultations, they may be surprised to have health discussions that go beyond just their eyes. It’s not unusual for the doctors at Genstler to ask about lifestyle, diet, exercise, or other health factors in a patient’s life. While all of these elements can ultimately impact ocular health, the staff at Genstler Eye Center also care about the whole person and want them to enjoy total health.

Dr. Genstler shared, “Particularly with our elderly patients, we may be the only people they see that day. We’re going to be the ones that see them, tell them how nice they look, note they seem sad, inquire, and come to find out they lost a beloved pet. I love hearing about their lives, their stories, the adversities and challenges they’ve overcome. I enjoy the ability to relate to somebody as a whole human being. I love what I do.”

In an ever more fast-paced world, it is our responsibility and our joy as healthcare professionals to treat all of our patients with care, dignity, respect, and empathy.

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Arla Genstler, M.D., Owner & Founder of Genstler Eye Center


Dr. Genstler is the owner and founder of Genstler Eye Center.During the past 25 years, Dr. Genstler has become well known for her excellence in cataract and refractive surgery in Northeast Kansas.

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