IPL + dry eyes

 Secret Shopper Series – IPL Part 2

We’re committed to quality care and improvement, so we asked a patient to audit and share about their experience with our Intense Pulsed Light therapy (IPL) to give others some insight into the process. In Part
2 of this series, Secret Shopper Sally has undergone her prescribed treatments and talks about the differences she has experienced before and after.

What have you noticed between your initial treatments and now?
I really love the warm moist eye compresses they provide. It’s soothing to the eyes, very relaxing and helps me set my mind to go to sleep each night. A bonus of this treatment is that my face is really clear and feels great. Early on I saw the first treatments get rid of some light brown spots on my face. After completing all treatments, the deeper brown spots and rosacea are completely gone, and it really helped with the bagsunder my eyes.

Can you describe the IPL treatment around your eyes?
My first treatment was only on my face. This had me pretty nervous going into my second treatment because I knew they’d be zapping my eyelids. Dr. E put a numbing drop in my eyes and then placed little covers directly on my eyeballs. It was weird, bizarre, and awkward but not at all painful. Once he started the
treatment on my eyelids, I was very glad he placed the covers directly onto my eyes because that laser is super bright.

What would you say to others considering IPL for Dry Eyes?
At the halfway point, Dr. E let me know that rosacea and bags under the eyes can be problematic in causing certain eye health issues. I’ve noticed my treatments have reduced those factors, which has helped my eyes feel less dry and have any issues with moisture.

The experience with Genstler has been great from start to finish. I’ve noticed improvements in my eyes, with the added bonus of clearer skin. I’d say to anyone struggling with dry eyes, it’s worth it. Any anxiety I had about the procedure or the discomfort I might experience went away pretty quickly because Dr. E and the Genstler staff are so great. I’d be honest with anyone who is considering it and say that it is a little weird and uncomfortable, but totally doable. I really preferred a series of treatments that took an hour or less each over ongoing, daily maintenance with drops. It’s absolutely worth it.

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