Protect Your Eyes for Healthy Vision

Protect Your Eyes for Healthy vision

The cornea is your eye’s clear, protective outer layer – often called “the window of the eye.” It is your eye’s first line of defense, acting as a barrier against dirt, germs, and other particles that can harm the eye. It also protects the lens and the retina against damaging UV rays from the sun.

Although the cornea doesn’t move, its shape contributes about two-thirds of the eye’s focusing power. If need be, it can be reshaped to improve vision through surgical procedures such as Lasik.

The cornea is composed of 5 layers; the epithelium (outermost layer), Bowman’s Membrane, Stroma (thickest layer), Decemet’s Membrane, and finally the endothelium (innermost layer). The average thickness of the cornea is 540 microns.

Because transparency is key to its function, the cornea has no blood vessels. Instead, it receives its nutrition from tears and the aqueous humor – the fluid in the front of the eye behind the cornea. So it’s important to eat healthy, drink plenty of water and protect your eyes. Healthy corneas lead to healthy vision!

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