Genstler Offers IPL!

At the end of 2021, Genstler Eye Center added a game-changing procedure to their list of available services. “We’d been looking forward to offering IPL for years,” says Dr. Hanschu. “When we hired Dr. Eisenbarth, he brought with him the ability to do so.”

IPL is a mild, non-invasive treatment for dry eyes that also has some lesser known cosmetic benefits. An intense pulsed light is administered around the eyes and face. This light heats the eye’s meibomian glands and removes the inflammatory components found in rosacea that reduce the efficiency of our tears.  In addition, bacteria and demodex collections are destroyed along with facilitating the production of collagen returning the natural glow of our skin.

When asked why Dr. Eisenbarth and Genstler Eye Center are so passionate about providing this treatment, he offered, “It’s new technology that gives our patients a more effective and efficient option for treatment.”

Other more common forms of dry eye treatment include eye drops, medicated eye drops, liquid tears, or lubricating drops. These treatments require regular application indefinitely, while IPL may reduce or eliminate the need for these altogether.

“This means less maintenance and daily work for our patients, with ultimately more comfort since it’s more effective at reaching your tear glands,” says Dr. Eisenbarth.

This treatment is most effective for those with meibomian gland dysfunction, aqueous gland deficiency, demodex or rosacea related dry eyes. If the eyes are dry due to mal-positioned eyelids, IPL might not be a fit. IPL will depigment the skin so this treatment is a best fit for those with skin types 1-4 using the Fitzpatrick Skin Typing scale.

Interested in learning more about what IPL is like? Don’t take our word for it here at Genstler. Find out more in our Secret Shopper Series. We’re committed to quality care and improvement, so we asked a patient to audit and share their experience to give others some insight into the process and to help us improve. Learn more in our upcoming two part series!

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