Avoid Eye Injuries

October 29, 2019by Genstler Eye Center0

Eye injuries don’t only happen on the job. If you aren’t careful, chores at home such as yard work, cleaning, cooking and home repairs can all lead to eye injuries. Without proper eye protection, sports and recreational activities can also result in eye injuries. In fact, more than 78 percent of people were not wearing eyewear at the time of injury, according to The American Academy of Ophthalmology and the American Society of Ocular Trauma.

Different types of protective eyewear should be worn for different activities and/or professions. Carpenters, machinists and laborers are examples of careers that require specific types of eye protection. Some activities, like welding, may require side shields, goggles or full-face protection.

Protective eyewear should also be a mandatory part of any sports uniform. Depending on the sport, this can include sports safety glasses or goggles, helmets with eye shields, or eye guards.

Don’t risk losing your precious eyesight. Wear eye protection and make sure your loved ones do too!

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